The Center for Excellence in Peer Education strives for students and faculty members to experience positive outcomes with the College of Charleston peer education program. We provide materials and resources to assist peer educators and the CofC community in their efforts to design and sustain successful peer education programs. Below are print resources, digital resources, and certification opportunities that may be of interest. Interested in learning more? Contact us by telephone, email, or social media.  

Print and Digital Resources

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Certification Opportunities

Association for the Coaching and Tutoring Profession (ACTP) Tutor and Coach Certification

Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance (ACTLA) Online Tutor Certification

College Reading and Learning Association’s (CRLA) International Peer Educator Training Program Certification (IPTPC)

The International Center for Supplemental Instruction (SI).

NASPA BACCHUS Peer Educator Certification.