Mentoring and Peer Education Programs

The Center for Excellence in Peer Education works with groups of mentors and peer educators on campus, providing them with training opportunities, as well as resources for ongoing supervision and evaluation. Our aim is to provide all mentoring and peer education groups on campus with the tools and resources necessary to have a successful experience in delivering an enriched and diverse learning environment to our students. 

Mentoring and Peer Education Defined  

Peer Education – Peer educator is the umbrella term over all peer-helping-peer paraprofessional roles. Peer educators are educators: they support students’ learning and development, both in and out of the classroom. They are helpers who offer assistance and lend a hand to their fellow classmates in a variety of capacities. They’re paraprofessionals, meaning they carry specific competencies and skills that are developed from formal training.  

Traditional Mentoring – Traditional mentoring is a supportive learning relationship between mentors who share both knowledge and experience with mentees in order to enrich their professional journeys. 

Cross-Generational Mentoring – Cross-generational mentoring is between two people from different generations, and the goal of this pairing is mutual learning and growth. 

CofC Mentoring and Peer Education Programs 

Peer Education Programs (required to successfully complete formal training in TEDU 205): 

  1. AAPC Peer Advisors
  2. Charleston Bridge Peer Mentors
  3. CSL Peer Academic Coaches
  4. Computer Science Student Ambassadors
  5. EDLS 100 Peer Leaders
  6. FYE Abroad Mentors
  7. FYE Peer Facilitators
  8. Honors Beyond George Street Peer Facilitators
  9. Impact Peer Academic Coaches
  10. RLH Resident Assistants
  11. SMART Coaches
  12. SSM Pre-Health Mentors

Peer Education Programs (encouraged to enroll in and successfully complete formal training in TEDU 205): 

  1. Athletic Department Mentors 
  2. Center for International Education Peer Advisors 
  3. Center for Student Learning Supplemental Instruction Leaders 
  4. Center for Student Learning Peer Tutors
  5. Cougar Ambassadors
  6. Cougar eXcursion Leaders and Facilitators 
  7. Counseling Center Students 4 Support
  8. Crossing the Cistern Peer Mentors 
  9. Orientation Interns
  10. Multicultural Student Programs and Services SPECTRA LEADers 
  11. REACH Program Social and Fitness Mentors
  12. REACH Program Tutors
  13. School of Business New Student Mentoring
  14. Transfer Resource Center Transfer Mentors

Traditional and Cross-Generational Mentoring Programs 

  1. Alumni-SAA Mentors
  2. Black Alumni Council Mentors
  3. Board of Trustees Mentoring Program
  4. Department of Communication Martin Scholars Mentor Program 
  5. Department of Communication Mentor-Protégé Program 
  6. Department of Political Science Career Mentors
  7. Honors College Mentoring Cohorts
  8. International Scholars Career Mentors
  9. Multicultural Student Programs and Services Mentoring Matters Mentors 
  10. School of Business Flash Mentoring
  11. School of Business Global Business Resource Center Professional Mentors 
  12. School of Business Impact X Mentors 
  13. School of Business MBA Mentors 
  14. School of Business Public Choice Associates Mentoring Program
  15. School of Business Professional Mentoring