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  • FYE Funding
    • PFs interested in attaining funding for specialized events for their FYSS may contact Chris Korey, and refer to the FYE Events for more specific information

Attendance Policy

All freshmen are expected to participate and attend their Synthesis Seminar (FYSS 101), which is attached to their FYSE or LC course, to successfully fulfill their FYE requirements. Students are allotted up to 4 absences (excused or unexcused) from their Synthesis Seminar per semester. Once a student accumulates 3 absences in their Synthesis Seminar, the Peer Facilitator will notify the FYE Director. An official email from the FYE office will be sent to the student reinstating the attendance policy. If the student continues to miss their Synthesis Seminar with no attempt to make up the missed class with their Peer Facilitator, the FYE Director will once again be contacted and made aware of the situation.

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